Friday, June 16, 2006

Some good news

Well Folks, It is Friday and it’s 1131pm est. And I am on here. Well not all of us can have lives. But things are looking up. Today was very busy.

First I have to give you a back story. On the 5th I had an interview with a company called Edgepark Surgical. It was about a 90 minute interview and went very good but I thought that they would never call me back because of my lack of experience.

I got a call from them on Wednesday and today I went to a follow up interview that went pretty good too. They said they will let me know. Well later on I had an interview with a company called West Technologies. They are kind of like the place I worked at before, High call volume low pay.

So I am going to work at West for now. I hope that Edgepark Surgical calls because It seems to be a better job and a place where I can get things back to normal and get on track.

It has been a long struggle this past month and a half. I moved from Columbus to Cleveland and live with my aunt and had to go back home to Youngtown to get a job. Life is strange. When you think that everything is going great and you just start to relax if throws you a curve ball. It keeps you on your game.

I wonder what it will throw at me next.

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