Monday, October 25, 2004

Browns lose close one to the Eagles

The Browns loss a close one to the Eagles this weekends game. It took over time to get an outcome, but it was not to be. This was the first loss at home this year. It was still a great game though showing that the Browns are not to be over looked in this league.

With the injury to Andre Davis and the trade of Morgan to the Cowboys, it was time for Dennis Northcutt to take the spot light. Northcutt in his starting debut had 70 yards on 4 catches. Aaron Shea and Steve Hieden combined for 9catches, 87 yards and a touchdown for the two tight-ends. Also the running backs both came in and had a touchdown apiece.

Some of the areas that the Browns need to work on is picking up the blitz a little better and need to hold on to the ball on offence. Two fumbles on kick returns will help you lose games in the NFL. On defense the browns need to get the pass rush better. McNabb was getting 4 to 5 seconds to throw the ball. That will lead to bad things down the road.

With the by-week this week the Browns can get some rest and let some injuries heal and work on their game because they get thrown to the fire going to Baltimore for Sunday night and then come home to play Pittsburg, New York and the Pats in the next four of five games.

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Chindialeader said...

This is the first time coming to a blog with football. Man I lovw NFL footbal, My team is the eagles, haahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, they are the best.Kansa City Chiefs kicked falcons ass, tenesse titans lost because mcnair lost. Eagles are the best and browns are okay with garcia with quaterback but they need time to develop. If misspelled these team names because i'm Canadian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Give me a shout