Saturday, July 02, 2005


Did you ever feel that everything you want you can't have. That everytime when you think that everything is about to turn around and change you slammed back down and end up lower than where you started. This seems to be a commen them in life. Everyday I try to wake up and think to has got to be better than yesterday. It never does get better. For an example, the otherday at work we were doing our job and everything was going smooth, a change from the norm. Then I was going to Toxic Hell (aka Taco Bell). They told be that they where sorry and that they have run out of beef and soft taco shells. I was like man that sucks but, hey, shit happens. So went to leave. All of the sudden I am rear ended by some one going 5 MPH. I was like at least it wasn't fast. I got out to say hey what where you are going. The woman in the car could give two shits that she had just hit me. So I yeld, " WTF. You can't drive." She goes my footslipped. I thought to myself man people are fucking assholes.

So the next day I get up and I say hey I think that I am going to have a better day. How could it get worse. I found out that my father was coming to visit. Not for a day but for a week. Let me tell y0u a little thing about me and my dad. We peas in a pod me and him, and not in a good way. People sometimes can't stand the person who is always stubburn and feels that he is always right and needs to have to last word in a conversations. Well that is my dad. He loves to express his opinions, over and over again. like you didn't hear him, the first seven time. I am one of those people who can shrugg off people, but when pushed too far, I sanp back.

So, at any rate, he was down here. So now I have gone from I am going to have a better day today to, PLEASE let it be better than yesterday. Between him and work, it is a toss up of where I would rather be.

My Father went home and all was right in the world and I thought for just for a second tat things are going to be great then, BOOM. WTF. Life throws you for a loop. My truck breaks down. Being the only form of transportation (thosein the same boat will agree.) threw me for a loop. For four days I was trapped. Trapped because in Columbus it is hard to get a cab and they are expensive, and with no car you get stir crazy.

Well I could go on with my crap life. How I have lost money in casinos and how viruses ate my computer, but I think it is time to end it. I can leave with this parting statement. With all the time that I had a girlfriend and through I was going to get married, All of those problems see so much more trivial then the stuff I am going throught now. Not because these things are coming at a much quicker rate, it is that I have to go through them alone. Atleast with a girlfriend I had some one to go through with it with me and was some one I could count on and could expect them to help out.

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