Monday, July 11, 2005

Stop it all. Please

Outsourcing. Definition: the practice of subcontracting manufacturing work to outside and especially foreign or nonunion companies. This is according to Merriam Webster online dictionary ( This is a big problem facing this world today. Trust me I would know, I work in tech support. I have to live in the fear that some one over seas is going to be taking my job because it is "economical". Yes folks I and millions like me have been written of as not being "economical" for companies. They are willing to take the jobs of people like me and ship them to places like Malaysia and Indian, and give them to people who work for less.

Now, I am not blaming the people in India who are looking for a job and will work for less that some one in the states does. I blame the super huge conglomerate companies who have gotten so big that they can just write peoples livelihoods off as "good business." These businesses say that they help out the world economy and try to show that they are helping homeless and jobless in India to try to say, "Hey, Look what good we have done." When in realality they made that many skilled people here in America, where they pedal their goods and services, out of a job and soon to be out on the streets.

Some of these people will say that the labor market in these far off destinations are cheaper and saves money for them. Since there is no tariff on this service it is more economical to have some one around the world try to explain how to fix the computers, internet, what have you. They work for about a considerable of a percentage less than that of people here in the US make. These people are able to do this because of the three big reasons. One there are many people and few jobs and people are poverty stricken. Two because of the job make being so small people are will in to more for less. Finally, the cost of living.

The first reason is because of the poverty that has infected the population of these country and they can be pinpointed to many different reasons from over population and lack of reproduction controls, to the miss management of government infrastructure or bad social policies. With over population issues in most of the out sourcing companies, this is one of the contributing factors. With so many people there is a need for work. The immense size of the population has put a heavy strain on the economy. They need to take any job that comes along. An issue with overpopulation is that f a lack of education. So when companies come over here they first try to hire those who have an education, weather they got in Indian of were students in the good old USA. After that they start taking people who can learn the best. The next step is letting them select an American name like Jack, Bob, or Susan. Then they try to teach them English and how to get rid of there accent.

The second reason is of a direct lack of jobs in these countries. Not many jobs exist. Many are temporary and hard work. Getting a job in a call center would have to a near miriceal for there families. An equivalent would be someone who was homeless one day and the next was offered a job, money and roof over there head. So when some one gets this job they are willing to work for less because they know the importance of it. It is a matter of living on the street or in a room.

The third reason is that of the cost of living. Yes, this has more to do with it than people think. In these countries the cost of living is far less than here in the US. Where some one here would scrape by at 12-15 bucks an hours; in these other countries it takes about 2-3 dollars per hours. As any one can see that is a great business move. In return for this great economic boom for these foreign countries, there are an equal amount of problems made here in our country.

One is that homeless people that the company says they are helping and that we hear so much about are being replaced by someone in this country. Yes, people with college degrees are having there jobs yanked away in the name of economic sense and told sorry, have to save money. These people are now in a spot of trying to look for another job in their field only to find that most of the jobs in their field are gone, and the ones still left here in the states are not hiring and are in the process of moving their jobs as well. This outsourcing has created social and economical problems. Our government, I feel has done little for the American worker in the past 6 years except make it easier for businesses to grow and rape the economy.

The standard of living here in America never decreases, it is always getting bigger. It is being backed by the corporate monsters that are taking the jobs away from the worker. They go over seas to save money, but the price of there products never seem to go down though. Who is winning in these businesses that are hurting us? It is presidents and CEOs that are making out. These are the same people who feel that making 10 million a year is not enough and that they need to have private jets and retirement plans that could feed a small country in Africa for years. I find this shocking and appalling when people are making 100-200 million a year feel the need to lay off thousands to make sure there is enough in the budget to give him a raise this year. It is this corporate greed that is driving this country in to an economic ruin. The government doesn’t help the situation either.

The government is as much to blame as these corporate devils. With treaties like NAFTA and participating in the WTO and eliminating tariffs for these things, it has paved the way for these companies to bail on the America people and go over seas. Even the president is guilty of this. In a number of speeches, most notably in his State of the Union speech, where he states that that these jobs are going over there, and that there is going to be newer high tech jobs here in the future. Well my president the future is now and there are no new high tech jobs here in Columbus Ohio. Ohio has lost 1.2 million jobs since you took office and we have yet to see any increase in employment. Where are these new high tech jobs at?

They are more than likely not going to come here. They are more likely to go directly over seas and start out there and total by pass America in the name of Economic well being for the company. I put it to you government. Prove me wrong, help out the American work, restore our faith in hopes that you will still do your duty and save our jobs and correct thing at home first before worrying about the rest of the world.


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