Tuesday, October 03, 2006

well folk. this world is fucked up

Today I was reading the news on what is going on in the world today and have come to the realization that our country fears it citizens and are trying everything to keep us down. They have just passed a law in the house and the senate that would let us pick up any person, who is suspected of being a terrorist, arrests them, detain them with out trial, and execute them with out a trial. The worse thing about this law, it doesn't exclude citizens from this bill. If any one is arrested the can detain you with cause and trial if they feel like it....This, with the home land security bill past in 2002 and the restrictions put on us by the airlines about what you can and cannot bring on the plane.

In major cities now you can’t smoke anywhere in the cities. In New York City, the people who got smoking band from restaurants and 50 feet in front of any public buildings, now they are trying to pass legestration that will outlaw all restaurants to use grease that have trans-fatty acids in it. This is outrageous of them to do this. They are saying that they are right for doing this because they are sighting findings that in the three years that smoking has been banned that the health of the average New Yorker has gotten better. But the thing of it is that smoking can affect everyone because smoke goes everywhere, when you eat though you are the only one who is being harmed. You know that you are eating this food. It is your responsibility to for your own body. You should know that this is what you are eating.

This world is going to hell in a hand basket if shit like this gets enacted in to law. If they keep pushing us around like this in like they better be ready for the people to push back. But you know by me posting this the government can arrest me and through me in jail and be never heard from again…. Great ….

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