Monday, January 26, 2009

I Wake Up In the Morning

Mornings suck. I hate the morning. What it means is a lot of rolling around. I have to roll from side to side to pull my shorts up and get them right. Then slide my catheter through the leg on one side. Then I have to put the bed up to swing my legs over by hand over the side of the bed. Then I have to slide into the chair with the slide board. This usually messes up my shorts and a little pee comes out. That is why I have to wear a diaper. They call them "wings" here, but a spade is a spade. It is a diaper. Sometimes it doesn't get it all either and it gets on my shorts. Then I have to readjust but it doesn't always look right. Next we have to put my legs together. This means putting the protective boots on and then the leg rest and then towels for my knees so I do not cut into them again and cause more wounds. Then it's put the catheter in the bag and grab my stuff and I am on the go. On the go....

On the go to therapy during the week. Nowhere on the weekends. Most of the time it feels like I am going nowhere and in a hurry. Just once I would like to stand up and put my pants on, wear a pair of shoes. Not have to roll around all day with twisted piss ridden clothes. Most people here say, “Oh, it's nothing. It happens other people all the time.” Well it has never happened to me before and it hurts – a lot. Sometime when I really wet my self I fell like breaking down and just...... I don't know. Let us just say it isn't pretty nor appropriate to put on here.

Some mornings it takes an hour to get ready, sometimes longer. It all depends on pain and mood. Sometimes I just want to lay there and just cry. To think, that this is going to be the way I am going to have to go through life for the rest of my life. It is really hard to handle that. But I hold back the tears. I dry my eyes and blow my nose and I go on. For no other reason than I have nothing else better to do right now than to jump through hoops and go to therapy that just somedays I feel isn't going anywhere.

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