Friday, April 17, 2009

Life in the Wheelchair Issue 3

Trying to get healthy while having Medicaid as your only insurance is an up hill battle that I am glad I have a nurse who is willing to fight them in order to get me the meds I needs to get better.

I currently have this weird bug in my urine that I am not even going to try to type out, I can't even say it. Anyways, To cure it, I need this one IV. Well it requires prior authorization from Medicaid to be able to administered to a patient, and well, I'm not authorized. It is the only thing that is going to kill it. This is how stupid the system is. I love being on socialized medicine. The Government really loves mess with a guy.

This is enough for a guy to go insane. I just can't take all the run around. I just have had enough of this, all of it. Having to have this kid of wheel chair instead of one that is smaller, easier to use and transport and flop up. You can only have these kids of medicines and if that doesn't work, well we are going to make you jump through hoops and hope that you don't get sicker or die while you wait for approval for the medicine that you need.

It is a shame that in the greatest country in the world in the state run health insurance program that they are willing to mess with someone's life in this sort of way. If this is what socialized medicine is forget it. This is the fours set of IV's I have been on this year. What is going to happen when I have to go on another one. Are they going to say that I have had enough and they are cutting me off. Where does it end with the government controlling my health.

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